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Dockless Bikeshare is a Cool Innovation

Unfortunately, It is Helter-Skelter

Let's Create Some Order Out of Chaos!

Inspired By The Chinese Bikeshare Explosion

A RIDO crowdfunding (ICO) campaign is launching shortly.
Scroll down and see how you can become a part of the revolution:

World's First Bikeshare OS (Operating System)
Bikeshare 4.0: Dockless But Not Stationless

In 2017 China’s Dockless Stationless Bikeshare Exploded To $6 Billion Market Cap. The bikeshare is super hot, but riddled with problems aplenty. Theft, vandalism, illegal parking, traffic violations, blocked streets, bike dumps, bike mountains, bike graveyards and above all big headaches to city administrations. RIDO solves them all.

The Bigger Picture:
Highest ROI Of Any Green Initiative

Bikeshare is consistently gaining popularity worldwide. It’s a boon for healthier communities, sustainable cities & a greener planet. As proven by the ongoing Chinese dockless bikeshare explosion, ubiquity & accessibility makes bikeshare the preferred first/last mile commute. RIDO aims to bring some order to the chaotic helter-skelter of dockless bikeshare.

Economy saves $21/commute in terms of better health, less congestion, reduced infrastructure costs, reduced greenhouse gas emissions, better air quality, noise reduction and parking costs

Lower Pollution, Zero Congestion Transportation, Healthy Communities

Disrupting The Disruption: #BikesOnBlockchain

Smart City Stakeholders:
Now Easy To Regulate Dockless Bikeshare

Cities can start regulating chaotic dockless bikeshare industry and generate new streams of revenue by setting up citywide traffic-compliant autonomous virtual rideshare stations (VRS) featuring:
· Theft & vandal resistant dockless bikesharing
· Secure, instant and immutable proof-of-ownership of bikes
· Provide easy identification of the cyclist & bicycle in accidents.
· Eliminate policing resources on theft, vandalism & parking violations.
· Increase bikeshare use by eliminating fear of theft, vandalism & violations.
It’s free to get started

Step One: Sign up

Step Two: Submit geo-locations across the city (including existing bike docking stations) suitable for setting up virtual rideshare stations.

Step Three: Blockchained ID of Virtual Stations & the existing Public Bikeshare system bikes.

Step Four: Station Sponsorships (Advertisers)

Step Five: Operations

Bikeshare Sponsors

The Traffic-Compliant RIDO VRS and Public Bikes offer plenty of advertising opportunities for corporate sponsors, as the VRSs will be ubiquitously located in most high visibility urban locations.

Step One: Sign up

Step Two: Submit preferred city for VRS or Public Bikes sponsorships.

Step Three: Receive matched sponsorship options

Step Four: Negotiate sponsorship contracts

Step Five: Operations

Bikeshare Stakeholders

Bikeshare companies, (both dockless / docking station) bike owners and shared economy / blockchain investors can sign up start registering their bikes for parking them in traffic-compliant virtual RIDO bikeshare stations for rentals. It is simple and free.

Step One: Sign up as either individual user, owner, corporate (bikeshare company), activist, investor, and see how you can benefit from this new kid on the shared economy’s block.

Step Two: Register free each bike (GPS/GPRS lock) on the Open Registry of Bike Share (ORBS).

Step Three: Receive Blockchained ID of each registered dockless bike; others buy GPS / GPRS lock

Step Four: Participate in the upcoming ICO.

Step Five: Operations

Download Whitepaper

White Paper will be made public after IP protection formalities are completed, and ICO launch date is finalized.

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